Drinking Water to Transform Lives

30 Days of Drinking Just Water

A nice cup of tea or a glass of water?
A refreshing orange juice or some water?
A glass of wine or would you like some water?

For many of us, water would not be our first choice when offered alternatives. It is so easy to just consume a nice cup of tea, a strong coffee or perhaps a drink filled with sugar and caffeine when tired. Or turning to a refreshing lemonade, or a cold beer on those warm days. I mean they are the easy options aren’t they?

How do you think you could handle drinking JUST water over 30 days?

According to the British Nutrition Foundation:

‘Drinking water is a great choice because it delivers fluid without calories or the sugars that can potentially damage teeth.’

We challenge you to drink just water for 30 days. Set up a Just Giving Page. Set a financial goal and ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate. A great way to raise money, be kept accountable and become more healthy. Sign up here.

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What challenge will you choose?

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