What will you bid for?

Auction of Promises

Could you organise an Auction of Promises event? 

An Auction of Promises is a fantastic event to bring the community together and to raise money in a really fun way.

Do you have friends and family that could contribute promises to your auction? It could be anything at all!

From practical help: 2 hours of gardening, babysitting, ironing.

To being taught a new skill: a guitar lesson, how to knit, how to write a CV.

Or it could be food related: how to cook a curry, being served an afternoon tea for 2, a personalised birthday cake.

All sorts of categories and activities can be considered: entertainment, a trip to a holiday home, a ride in a flash car, even an offer of a haircut. Check out this link for some great ideas. 

The Auction of Promises can be done anywhere, such as on your street as a neighbourhood event, in your home, in your workplace, in a school and it can all be done online. 

To discuss this fun Auction of Promises event further, either sign up on the link below, or give us a call. 

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