Making a difference on your Birthday!

Birthday Fundraising

Do you get asked by enthusiastic family and friends, “what do you want for your birthday?” And as you sit their pondering, you really don’t know. 

Or perhaps on each Birthday is there a small feeling of disappointment as gifts are given to you, in which as you unwrap them you can’t help but think…why are they buying me that? That’s a waste of money?

Well we have an idea for you! For your birthday this year instead of receiving gifts, why not ask friends and family to instead give what they would have spent on a gift as a donation to Communicare.

Birthday Fundraisers can easily be set up. 

If you’re on Facebook, then you will have the option of setting up a fundraiser in the options. If you get stuck, check out this guide. 

Alternatively a Birthday fundraiser can be set up via Go Fund Me. 

Remember to share your Birthday Fundraisers on the Social Media platforms that you are a part of. 

Alternatively, it doesn’t just have to be Birthdays that you set up a fundraiser for. You could use any occasion:
– Wedding 
– Wedding Anniversary
– Baptism
– Special Life Event

If you’re setting up a fundraiser, please let us know by clicking on the sign up button below.

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