Transform your wardrobe by swapping and not shopping

Clothes Swap

Have you been watching/reading Marie Kondo and you now have a pile of clothes that no longer bring you JOY?

Have you been meaning to go through your wardrobes?

Do you long for a few new outfits?

Then a Clothes swap fundraiser could be for you!

Small Scale

  1. Pick a date and invite a selection of friends/neighbours and colleagues to the event in your home/garden.
  2. Encourage invitees to bring round their clothes they would like to swap the day before.
  3. Put out all the clothes so that people can easily view them (tip: invite a few friends round early to help).
  4. Attendees come round for a suggested donation amount (or let them choose).
  5. Attendees and yourself choose the items of clothing you would like to keep. Woohoo you now have a new selection of clothes and you’ve raised a load a money to make a difference to the services at Communicare.

Larger Scale

  1. Similar to the smaller scale but instead book a venue (some venues may give you the space for free or a discount if they know you are doing the event too raise money for charity).
  2. Choose a theme (e.g. ladies prosecco and clothes swap night) and make it a ticketed event. Eventbrite is one platform you could sell tickets from.
  3. Recruit a team of volunteers to help with the promoting, purchasing refreshments and assisting on the day.
  4. Market the event on social media, posters etc…
  5. Encourage attendees to drop off their clothes they’d like to swap early. 
  6. Get to the venue 1-2 hours before the event to set up and lay the clothes out. 
  7. Enjoy the event.

Optional Extra Ideas:

  • Have a Communicare stand at the Clothes Swap with flyers and our donation tin.
  • Have someone give a short message during the event on the work of Communicare and the lives that the charity enriches. 

To chat about possibly hosting this type of event, please click on the button below.

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