Make memories and change lives around the table

Dinner Party

Communicare Staff Members Signature Dishes

Annie (Communicare Manager) – Chocolate Mousse

Anna P (Coordinator) – Spiced Beef with Carrots

David (Volunteer Coordinator) – Full English Breakfast

Nick (Development Officer) – Salmon wrapped in Smoked Bacon with Lemon Mayonnaise and Asparagus

Kate (Events & Volunteers Coordinator) – Spaghetti Bolognaise 

Anna G (Coordinator) – Something Asian

David (Volunteer Coordinator) – Full English Breakfast

There’s nothing like a good dinner party! A time of catching up with friends or making new friends, eating good food and sharing memories together.

With lockdown restrictions easing why not take this chance to invite people around your dinner table, whilst also raising money at the same time.  

Small Scale
A dinner party doesn’t have to be any more complicated than throwing a regular event in your home. It can be done in 4 easy steps.

  1. Choose a date, you may also want to choose a theme. E.g. Caribbean food, wine and cheese night, pudding party. Work out how many people you would like to host and also set a financial goal to aim towards.
  2. Invite friends and family. Within the invitation make it clear you’re raising money, you’ll want your guests to know the party has a purpose and that you would love help from the dinner party guests to reach your goal. Most people enjoy giving back, and a charity dinner party is a great way to encourage contributions.
    Top Tip: Make the invitation personal, if you have time create old school paper invitations and post them. You’ll be more likely to get a response. Also set a deadline to respond by.
  3. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get all the food ready. By all means ask for help, chances are people would be happy to help. Put a Communicare flyer out at each place setting.
  4. Enjoy the dinner party. We would suggest casually sharing for 5 minutes the work of Communicare and the difference we make. One option would be to show one of the videos from our website. At the end ask people to privately donate what they feel they would like to give, remind them of your financial goal.
    This could be done by either:
    – Asking your guests to get out there phones and donate there and then via our Just Giving Page. 
    – Putting envelopes out which each person can put cash/cheques in. 

Larger Scale
Perhaps you would be able to coordinate a large dinner party of 20 guests or more? Maybe it would be within a community group that you’re a part of? A Church group? A workplace group?

If you think you could do something larger scale, please do get in touch with us. We can chat through the options with you, make suggestions on possible venues. We may even be able to provide you with a speaker to share about the work of Communicare. 

To express an interest in a dinner party, whether it’s small or large scale, please click on the button below. 

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