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Easter fundraiser

Easter egg deliveries by Easter bunnies

A fantastic £120.00 was raised from our ‘Easter egg delivery by Easter bunny’ fundraiser.

Faith Kenny and Vicky Duboc, two of Communicare’s volunteer coordinators, delivered the Easter eggs over the weekend along with one of our volunteers, to friends, family and even to one of our clients. Those who received their eggs, both young and older people, enjoyed getting their chocolate eggs from – human – bunnies who were dressed in bunny costumes made by a kind supporter of the event.

A young recipient said to one of the Easter bunnies, Faith: “Wow! – Do you use your car to deliver the Easter eggs to everyone around the world?”

That young person was and is clearly a true believer of the Easter Bunny; a fact that Communicare will be taking great consideration of next year to ensure that no children’s dreams of the real Easter Bunny are dashed which preventative measures will be taken such as using good make-up and clever costume coverage. The Easter bunnies looked very friendly and cute in their costumes and those who saw them said how happy they looked.

Staff delivered the eggs on a voluntary basis and used their cars to make the deliveries, chocolate Easter eggs were donated by a Communicare supporter and the costumes by a volunteer.

The idea was trialed as part of a new fundraising idea and due to its success will be developed to work on a bigger scale next year.