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Enjoying quality films whilst transforming lives

Film Night

What to Watch?

Communicare Staff Members Favourite Films:

Annie (Communicare Manager) – Keeping Mum and Born Free 

Emily (Fundraising & Finance Coordinator) – It’s Complicated and Argo

Bryony (Coordinator & Office Supervisor) – Lord of the Rings Trilogy, in particular Return of the King 

Nick (Development Officer) – Ghostbusters and Hacksaw Ridge

Anna P (Coordinator) – Adams Family Values

Kate (Events & Volunteers Coordinator) – Aliens in the Attic

Anna G (Coordinator) – Love Actually and Eddie the Eagle

David (Volunteer Coordinator) – The Matrix

What’s your favourite film?

Is it a comedy?
A drama?
A Thriller?
Or even a chick flick?

We all love relaxing to a good film, this is a great and easy way to catch up with friends, whilst asking guests to donate what they would have spent if they visited the cinema.

Five ways to ensure a perfect film night:

  1. Choose a film
    – Will you be choose a film that has recently come out that it is unlikely many people have seen?
    – Or perhaps go down the nostalgia route and choose an absolute classic?
    – Will it be a family film if children will be coming?
    What film will bring people together?
  2. Location
    Where will you watch the film?
    – In your house?
    – In a community space?
    – Could you create an open-air cinema and take your tv or projector outside and show the film in your garden?

  3. Inviting people
    – Choose who you would like to invite (friends, work colleagues, a group that you’re a part of).
    – If you have kids, could they make some tickets to send to guests?
    – Make a Facebook event to keep people updated and easily remind them of your film evening.

  4. Snacks
    – Every good cinema evening has a feast of snacks. Whether that is consuming a huge box full of popcorn, devouring plenty of chocolate or going for some scrumptious pizza.
    – Perhaps encourage guests to BYOB and therefore have a selection of drinks to enjoy. 
    – For the full cinema experience why not purchase or make some popcorn boxes. A template of a popcorn box to print can be found here.

  5. Other Ideas
    – Dress-up – why not have a fancy dress theme and dress up as your favourite film character? There could be a prize for the best costume. 
    – To make it even more like a cinema experience you could watch some trailers and adverts before the film begins. Cineworld have uploaded their pre-reel trailers to YouTube that could be used. Check it out here.
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