A sale from the convenience of your own home

Garage/Garden Sale

Is your loft full of items?
Is your shed bursting to the brim?
Do you have cupboards that you cannot squeeze anything else into?

If you’ve said yes to any of those questions, why not make some space by having a garage/garden sale and donate the proceeds to Communicare?

Having a garage/garden sale enables you to raise money from the comfort of your own home and gain that much needed space.

Let us know about your garden sale by clicking on the button below. We can offer to promote your sale on our social media pages, provide you with a Communicare t-shirt and give you a Communicare collection tin for your stall. 

Top garden sales tips:

  • Advertise the sale with neighbours, they too may like to put out a table which could generate more interest from further afield.
  • Get an idea as to how much you would like for each item before you put it out for sale.
  • Lock the doors of your house during the sale.
  • Have plenty of change ready.
  • After the sale, consider keeping the remaining items (that you’re not too precious about) outside with a note that says “pay what you like, please put the donation through the door”. Make it clear the money goes to Communicare. That way you do not need to be present to make money and get rid of your unwanted items. 
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