What would you struggle to give up for 30 days?

Give It Up Challenge

What would be the toughest things for our staff members to give up?

(Communicare Manager) – Talking

Anna G (Coordinator) – Running and Exercise

David (Volunteer Coordinator) – Mobile Phone

Anna P (Coordinator) – Tea

Nick (Development Officer) – Coffee & BBC Sport App/Website

Is their anything in your life that you do every day?
Are their any things in the week that you do automatically without thinking?
Is their anything, that dare we say it, you consider yourself addicted to?
Or anything you just know you would struggle to go without?

We all have things that we do regularly that we would find a struggle to stop.

Whether that’s hitting our snooze button first thing in the morning.

Drinking three, four, five+ cups of tea and coffee a day.

Perhaps we enjoy some chocolate or sugary treats more often than we should.

Maybe a glass of wine or two after a tough day at work

Or what about being distracted due to social media.

Could you take the Communicare 30th Anniversary Challenge and go 30 days without.

How to do the Give It Up Challenge in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose something to give up, caffeine, sugar, Facebook… you decide.
  2. Set up a Just Giving page with a Financial Goal.
  3. Share your challenge with friends, family and colleagues and ask them to sponsor you.

It will be a tough 30 days so here are 3 Top Tips:

1.Tell People – share this challenge with as many people as possible so that they can help encourage and spur you on. 

2.PenaltiesWe all have moments of weakness, if you slip up along the way, rather than give up, consider setting up a penalty system. You could pay one of the suggested penalties on your Virgin Money Giving page and carry on with the month. 

Penalty 1 – It was an unavoidable situation, not my fault – £5.00 fine
Penalty 2 – I gave in just the once, it was too tempting – £10.00 fine
Penalty 3 – I slipped up again, I will carry on with this challenge though – £15.00 fine
Penalty 4 – I give up completely – £50.00 fine 

3.Gradually decrease – Before you start your challenge could you gradually decrease your intake. For example, if you love cups of tea. Could you reduce down to 3 cups of tea a day for a week, then reduce down to 2 cups a tea a day for a week, followed by 1 and then begin the 30 day go without challenge.

If you have any other top tips please let us know. 

To take on this 30 day challenge, please click on the sign up button below.

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