Showing grass whose boss!

Lawn Mowing

Having a freshly mowed lawn is appealing to the eyes, helps you to feel relaxed in your garden and is definitely noticed when guests are invited over. 

Lawn mowing however is always a chore!

Always a burden!

Something which many of us would rather not do.

In this fund raiser, you get to become a lawn mowing hero!

You can take away that lawn mowing burden, you can take away that chore no one wants to do, all for a cost of course.

Could you give a morning or an afternoon to mow some of your neighbours lawns?

What to do (in 3 easy steps):

  1. Choose a date, decide how many lawns, or how long you wish to mow lawns for. Decide on how much you will charge or if you will ask for just a donation?
  2. Contact your neighbours. Do you have a neighbourhood WhatsApp chat? Could you knock on a few doors a couple of days earlier to see if neighbours would be interested. 
  3. On your chosen date, mow the lawns (either use your own mower or each of your neighbours). Collect the donations for Communicare.

Optional Extra: Perhaps you could ask friends or family members to help, having a small team can make a big difference.

Get in touch to let us know if you are interested in this fundraiser. We can supply you with a Communicare T-shirt to wear and Communicare flyers to give to your neighbours. Just click on the link below.


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