Southampton 10k, Half & Full Marathon

Sunday 24th April 2022

Join our team!

Would you like to support the work of Communicare by taking on a running (or walking) challenge? The Southampton Marathon event (which encompasses a 10km, half marathon and full marathon) takes place on Sunday 24th April 2022, and we’re looking for more runners to join our team!

By signing up to one of Communicare’s charity places you will be taking part in one of the best running events in the South, whilst raising funds to help our work with lonely and isolated people within Southampton.

We ask for just £10 to register for one of our charity places, with a commitment to fundraise at least £50 for the 10km and half marathon distances or £60 for the full marathon.

What to expect from #TeamCommSoton

In joining our running team, you’ll get one of Communicare’s charity places for the event, a Communicare technical t-shirt to wear on race day and loads of support – both before the event in terms of fundraising and training, but also on the day from our volunteers and supporters who will be at cheering points around the route.

If you’ve already signed up to run in the event, you can still support our work, please get in touch and we’ll tell you more about how your run can make a difference to Communicare.

If you feel daunted by these distances or are more of a walker, please don’t be put off! As well as offering a fast race for those wanting to push themselves, the 10k event offers an interesting route around our city with key landmarks along the way. This would be a good distance for you to try if you would like to fundraise for us through this event – run what you can, alternate running and walking or just walk and enjoy the atmosphere!

Race supporters needed!

We know that running isn’t for everyone, but we would love to hear from you if you would like to be part of our Support Squad for the Southampton marathon event on Sunday 24th April.

Our ‘Communibear’ costume is up for grabs if you want to make a statement and encourage our runners as they cross the Itchen bridge, or perhaps you would like to help staff our gazebo at the race village and tell people about the work of Communicare, as well as encouraging our runners before/after their event.

Maybe you’d prefer to stay out of the centre of town due to the road closures on the day, but you might like to recruit some more supporters and find a place that suits you – your front garden if you’re actually on the run route, a nice spot in the park or somewhere else along the routes (especially useful if it isn’t one of the areas which is known for being full of crowds as this is when the runners will most appreciate your support – it can be hard when it’s quiet out there!) and make a little Communicare cheer point? We’ll tell you who to look out for so that you can be spotting our amazing runners and giving them (and of course their running companions) support through clapping, cheering, singing, playing music – whatever you will enjoy. You will see the difference it makes to runners when someone calls out “Go on Nick!” or “Great running Kate!” – it can give you a real lift and with a group it can be loads of fun too.

Maybe you have artistic talents and could make some banners, you might want to bring out an instrument, or go for good old pans to bang and things to clap. Whatever effort you put in is sure to be appreciated by those going by. We can give you information about the routes to help you plan a good cheering point.

We’d LOVE to hear from you, we even wonder if we might have a little competition for Communicare cheer points this year, to encourage you to be as creative and have as much fun with this as possible! In our experience, this is a lovely activity whatever the age. Little ones can be hugely inspired by watching these events so don’t underestimate how much fun you can have bringing the family along to support.

Top Tips & Support from Anna

It’s so important to allow time to train well for an event.

Beginner level marathon training generally takes 16 weeks, while you should allow 12 weeks for a half marathon and 10 weeks for a 10km (assuming a reasonable level of fitness before you start).

You can download free training plans from the ABP Southampton marathon website: Download your training plan:

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Anna Gordon who is one of Communicare’s Coordinators ( Anna is also an England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and a keen runner herself. She has significant personal experience of running marathons and half marathons as well as shorter distances and will be happy to chat with you about any questions, worries or concerns you might have. No question is too silly! Anna is on hand to support Communicare’s runners as they prepare for the event. Her top tip is to allow good time to train as this can help you avoid running injuries and give you real confidence on race day. The event organisers even have training plans which you can download for free to set you up really well for a fantastic day whether you are aiming for your first marathon, a new PB or just to finish!


It might be daunting at first thinking about how to fundraise, but really the secret is about good communication. Your friends, family, colleagues are likely to be keen to support you when they understand 1) what you’re doing, 2) who you’re supporting and 3) why!

The first thing to do is set up a fundraising page with JustGiving. We send information about how to do this when you first sign up to run for us, please just let us know if you need this information re-sent.

Please follow the instructions to ensure that your page links directly with Communicare. This makes it really easy for your supporters to read about the charity and our work in Southampton. You can then explain more on your personal page.

Be honest with people – if you’re feeling nervous about the run, tell them – it shows that you’re human and people will want to encourage you. If they live nearby they may even come out to cheer you on on race day, or offer to run with you to help you train which can be really valuable! If you’re a more experienced runner aiming for a new PB, share this with people as they may be interested to follow you and see if you achieve it!

You can easily share the link to your fundraising page via social media, and/or emails as required to your friends, relatives and around the workplace if appropriate.

It is important to update people from time to time, so highlight some key times to send a little update (with the link again) so that people can see how you are doing towards your target and donate if they haven’t already done so.

Suggested key dates:

1) When you first sign up

2) When you start your training (still several weeks before the event which shows that you are committed and taking this seriously!)

3) Half way through your training – update people with how you’re getting on, are you enjoying it or finding it hard, are you well on track towards your fundraising target by now? If so, thank everyone who has donated so far.

4) 2 weeks before the event – most of your hard training work is done and it’s feeling real!

5) 1 week before the event – you’re planning for the day now!

6) 24 hours or the night before – What are you doing to prepare, how are you feeling?

7) After the event – with a photo that shows you did it – crossing the finish line, or afterwards with your medal.

8) It’s really nice to do a wrap up email when you’ve finished all your fundraising and update people about the total raised and thanking them.

By including the donation link every time you do one of these posts you are giving people gentle reminders to donate if they haven’t already. Those who have already donated have shown that they’re behind you and they’re likely to be interested in how you’re getting on so your updates will be welcomed.

Although our fundraising target is just a minimum of £50 (10km and half marathon distances) or £60 (full marathon distance), we recommend that you set your fundraising target higher than this, eg £100 or more. This shows your commitment not just to running at the event but also supporting the charity, and more people are likely to contribute to help you achieve it.

There are also other more creative ways that you can fundraise. They don’t always need much effort and can be really enjoyable experiences too. You could consider:

Hosting a cake sale or a coffee morning, or a drinks evening. When people come you have an opportunity to tell them about the work of Communicare which they may then choose to find out more about. We can give you information if you need! We may be able to support someone they know, or they might like to find out about volunteering with us, so this is really helpful from our perspective. Such events are lovely social opportunities which are no burden for people to support. (Cake sales are always popular, just be extremely careful to avoid nuts or other ingredients which could be dangerous to anyone with an allergy, and label your cakes well. If other people are donating cakes make sure you know of any potential allergy risks beforehand!)

Asking a local restaurant to help you with a charity fundraising dinner. If you agree a cost per person with the restaurant, then you can sell your tickets to allow for this as well as a donation per person towards your fundraising. It’s another lovely opportunity for friends and family to enjoy socializing and guaranteed generation of funds.

Asking whether your employer might match your fundraising. Not always possible or appropriate depending on your work setting, but you might be surprised at how your employer might be willing to support you.

We’d love to hear your ideas and how you are getting on and will be keen to support if we can!

Communicare's 2022 Marathon Blog

Runners raise £1,920.31 for us at Southampton Marathon event

*Update 31st May – Our runners and supporters have raised a fantastic £1,920.31 via The 2022 Southampton Marathon Event! Congratulations all and thank you so much!


Runners from Southampton who ran in the ABP Southampton Marathon on Sunday (April 24, 2022) have so far helped raise £1,528 for us!

The team of 10 runners participated in the 10km and half marathon.

We are absolutely over the moon with the amount raised so far by our Communicare running team and there is still more coming in. They are all brilliant and we’re so proud of them for completing their various races and for choosing to raise money for us in the first place.

The money raised will go a long way to furthering the work we do to help the vulnerable and isolated individuals in Southampton.

It was also great to see lots of Communicheerers lending their support on the day too and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to cheer the runners on.


Volunteer John to run Southampton Marathon 10k for us

John Linford from Bursledon will be running in the ABP Southampton Marathon event next month (April 2022) to raise money for us.

The 49-year-old volunteers for us and often helps isolated service users who need assistance with getting their shopping.

John said: “I have had nothing but a positive experience volunteering with Communicare and have seen first-hand what a valuable service it is. The people I meet are very friendly and extremely grateful that there is someone like me to help them get their basic provisions in.

“As well as getting people’s shopping for them, I thought I would try to raise some money for the charity by signing up to run the 10km part of the Southampton Marathon. I ran last year and am looking forward to running again. Training is going well and I am hoping to achieve a personal best time.”

The ABP Southampton Marathon, which encompasses a 10km, half marathon and full marathon, takes place on Sunday, April 24, 2022 and we are still looking for people to run or walk and fundraise for it.

Annie Clewlow, our Communicare Manager, said: “There is still time for people to sign up to run for us. If any confident runners are interested in a new challenge and want to get involved, they can call 023 8250 0050 or email to find out more and to apply. Please also watch our video here to see what fun we had in 2019.

“By running for our charity in the full marathon. half marathon or the 10k event, which you could walk, you’ll be helping us beat loneliness and isolation in our city. The organisers have also recently opened up spaces in a 5k event for runners over the age of 12-years-old.

“We ask that anyone who enters for us raises a minimum of £50 for the 10k and half marathon and £60 for the full marathon and, also, pays a £10 registration fee to us. We will provide a Communicare running t-shirt, sponsorship forms and tips for fundraising, as well as lots of encouragement on the day from our ‘Communicheerers’.”

Southampton Marathon – new race route

ABP Southampton have announced the new route for this year’s Southampton Marathon event. Organisers & Southampton City Council wanted to allow better flow of traffic whilst also ensuring the route is still an exciting showcase of the city.

The event has grown a reputation for being one of the most inclusive and fun community highlights in the running calendar. It’s also one of the most varied, with routes passing through urban city landmarks, coastal views, and Southampton parks.

Since its early beginnings, the event has seen over 58,000 participants. It also has tallied up a grand total of approximately 750,000 miles covered across the ABP Marathon, Half Marathon, 10KRace and Fun Run. The event has raised over £2 million for local charities and over £1.3 million is brought into the city each year to help boost the local economy.

The route changes have been made to keep Thomas Lewis Way open. See more info here or map here.

The more I run, the better I feel!

Sponsor Louise here

Louise has recently signed up to the 10K for Communicare and says she wants to run for Communicare “to give back something to the community because of the support they have given me and my son and my father”. She has been running for around 14 months and has run the 10km distance previously. Louise says she trains 3 nights a week and the more she does, the better she feels.

We are delighted to have you on our team, Louise!

Aiming for a pb!

Chris is returning to run for us again, having also undertaken the half marathon in 2021. Chris is married to Anna P who works for Communicare, and Chris is running to raise money to support the work of the charity. He has been running for around ten years and is hoping to achieve a new personal best time this year. Thank you for your continued support, Chris! We hope our cheers help you to fly around the course!

Running after having a baby

Sponsor Leah here

Leah has signed up to run the 10km distance. Leah already knows the work of the charity, having helped as a volunteer in a range of activities such as providing transport and helping at Community teas and social activities. Leah says: “I have recently had a baby and would like to get running again, so thought this would be a good way to start.” Her aim is to finish it without walking. Leah says she’s feeling excited about it and is ready to go!

Thank you, Leah! We hope you really enjoy it!

Looking for smiling faces!

Sponsor Nick here

Nick works for Communicare as our Development Officer. Nick says he signed up to run simply to stop Anna G (in the Communicare office) from continually asking him if he’s going to run for Communicare. “On a serious note, Communicare is an amazing charity that makes a huge difference to its service users. I know money raised will be used well and at the same time this run will help me fight against gaining a Dad’s bod.”

Nick has been running on and off for years. He says he’s not a keen runner but has started going running more regularly since October. This will be his first half marathon! He says his goal is…”To win…alternatively I’d be very happy to just cross the finishing line and see my smiling family cheering me on.”

As his friends and family know that Nick doesn’t hugely enjoy running, Nick hopes that they will all get behind him with their encouragement and sponsorship.

Thank you, Nick, we hope you have a fantastic experience on race day!

John is running to beat last year’s time!

Sponsor John here

John is a volunteer with Communicare In Southampton and helps lonely and isolated people within the city with getting their shopping.

“I have had nothing but a positive experience of volunteering with Communicare and have seen first hand what a valuable service to the people of Southampton.”
John ran the 10km with Team Communicare last year and will be running for Communicare again this year. He is hoping to improve on his time from last year.
Thank you John – we’re all behind you!