RUNDERFUL - how you feel after you finish your run


Are you a keen runner looking to exceed a new running goal?
Or perhaps you haven’t been on a run for a long time and need that added incentive and motive to get your running shoes on.

Whatever your relationship with running. Why not become a Communicare Charity Runner and take part in a running challenge this year. 

Will you go for a fun run, 5k, 10k, half marathon or even a marathon? It is up to you!

To sign up to a run you can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Run it your way
    – Organise your own personal run. You choose the place, distance etc…
    – Or sign up to an organised event directly with the organisers, set up a Just Giving Page and let us know you’re doing this run by clicking the sign up button below.
  2. Join us at an Organised event
    РWe occasionally get places at certain running events, such as the ABS Southampton Marathon. Get in touch with us to express your interest and we can let you know what runs we have available. 

Looking for a run that’s a bit different? Consider checking out:
Bubble Rush
Inflatable Run
Rat Race
(Various Options)
Tough Mudder

23. Run a Virtual Class
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24. Scrabble Tournament
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25. Sponsored Silence
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Sign up to a challenge by clicking here

Or give us a call on: 023 8250 0050

Or email:

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