Celebrate winning a Scrabble Tournament with a night on the tiles!

Scrabble Tournament

Scrabble is a wonderful game that teenagers through to OAP’s can enjoy together. 

– Are you someone that aims to score high by putting down long words, ideally using a Q (10 points), Z (10 points), J (8 points) or a X (8 points)?
– Or are you someone that focuses on the double and triple point areas of the Scrabble board?

In this fundraiser, do you have a group of friends that you could get together for a Scrabble tournament?

Small Scale Scrabble Tournament (In 5 easy steps):

  1. Decide on a date and location of the Scrabble tournament (in your home, garden, other location?)
  2. Work out how many people you would like to enter the tournament? As well as the cost for entry. (Alternatively this could be donation based with a suggested donation amount given e.g. £10 per participant).
  3. Borrow additional scrabble boards from friends, as well as additional tables and chairs (if needed). Purchase refreshments or encourage people to bring their own refreshments.
  4. Source prizes (we can offer Communibears!).
  5. Enjoy the tournament and see if you are the best Scrabble player amongst your friends. 

Top tip: we would recommend having a 1 minute timer for each table, which gets turned over at the start of each participants go. 

Larger Scale Scrabble Tournament

Same outline as the smaller scale Scrabble Tournament, but BIGGER.

  • Could you book a community venue, Church building, somewhere with space?
  • Remember to borrow more Scrabble boards, tables and chairs to match the amount of people that can now attend.
  • Could you source ‘free’ prizes from organisations and shops if you inform them that this is a fundraising event?
  • Could you promote the event on Facebook or any other social media platform you’re on?
  • Could a volunteer sell refreshments with profit being added to the fundraising pot?

Lastly, do consider recruiting a team to help with the organisation, setting up and down, providing refreshments etc…

If this is something that would excite you, please do get in touch by clicking on the button below. 

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