Your Actions speak so much LOUDER than words

Sponsored Silence

We all know someone that speaks far too much.
Someone that always has something to say.
Someone that you would never link the word ‘quiet’ with.
If you don’t know someone like that, chances are, that person is you.

To celebrate Communicare’s 30th Anniversary, could you go a whole 30 hours without speaking? 30 hours of not uttering a single word!

Could you do it?
Would you struggle?
Would your friends, family and colleagues be amazed to see you take part in this?

This straight forward fundraiser can be set up in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a date for this fundraiser
  2. Decide on a fundraising target and set up a Just Giving page for people to donate online.
  3. Let your friends and family enjoy your silence

Top Tips:

  • If you do accidently break your silence, rather than feel bad, have a penalty jar to put 50p into each time the silence is broken.
  • Do you have children that could get involved in this fundraiser? For young children you may consider setting a silent goal of 30 minutes and organising silent games that they can play. 

Digital Silence

An alternative option would be to have a Digital Silence.

Could you be digitally silent on Social Media? From Facebook, to Instragram, to TikTok?
Could you last 30 hours without going on these or similar platforms?
What about surviving a week?
How about the mammoth challenge of 30 days?

To attempt this challenge click on the button below. 

26. Street Party
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27. Swimming
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28. World Record Attempt
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