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A great way to meet your neighbours and build community spirit

Street Party

Ideas on how to raise funds for Communicare at a Street Party
  • Cake sale
  • A Raffle
  • Participate in a Street Quiz
  • Face Paint
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Communicare Stand with Flyers and Donation Tin

It has been a tough 2020 and 2021 for us all with the Covid 19 pandemic. The resulting lockdowns, not being able to visit family and friends and the many restrictions we have had to keep to.

Despite this, one of the good outcomes in this bleak time is that many people in their neighbourhoods have been building relationships with each other: 
– From socialising via neighbourhood WhatsApp chats
– Interacting with each other during the NHS clap
– To neighbours looking out for each other in all sorts of other ways.

At the time of writing restrictions are being eased completely. With the eased restrictions why not celebrate these new and built upon neighbourhood relationships with a fun family friendly Street Party and at the same time raise money for Communicare.

How to organise a Street Party

Please refer to the brilliant website https://www.streetparty.org.uk/, this website provides really helpful guides on:

  • Timeframe as to how to organise it
  • Road Closures (if you decide this would be helpful)
  • Bunting, decorations etc.
  • Insurance and if you need it
  • How to involve everyone (please don’t organise it all yourself)
  • Downloadable free resources

Top Tip: please tell your neighbours beforehand that you will be raising money at the Street Party for Communicare. Ask them if they would like to get involved in helping to raise funds? Or ask them to consider giving on the day. Telling your neighbours beforehand will give them a chance to think about if they would like to give and if so how much they will give. 

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