Yes, Yes, Yes! You can do it!

Yes Day

Yes Day Rules

  • Requests can’t affect the future (e.g. can’t say yes to having a new pet)
  • Requests can’t be dangerous or illegal.
  • Requests can’t damage people or property.
  • Keep within a budget (e.g. £50 to cover all day and food activities, if something costs more you can’t do it).
  • Set an agreed travel distance.
  • You can’t tell other people in public that you’re having a Yes Day. (Let them stare at your crazy antics!)
  • Have the most fun you’ve had all year!

Have you ever read the book ‘Yes Man’ by Danny Wallace?
Or watched the film based on the Yes Man book staring Jim Carrey?
Perhaps you’ve seen the recent ‘Yes Day’ film on Netflix?

If so, you will have seen the fun, as well as the adventures that the characters from the films and book have been on by saying the word ‘Yes!’

A Yes Day, is exactly what the title suggests, a whole day of answering Yes!

We are sure that your friends and family would love to see you say yes and pay good money to have you say it.

A Yes Day is super simple to organise:

  1. Choose what day will be Yes Day
  2. Make some rules (you’re welcome to refer to the suggested rules)
  3. Is this a family event? If so let your kids plan the day beforehand. 
  4. Set up a Just Giving page set a goal, describe what you’re doing and why you’re raising money for Communicare
  5. Promote your upcoming Yes Day on your social media, with friends and family and encourage people to give generously.
  6. Enjoy your Yes Day. We guarantee tons of laughter and plenty of smiles! 

For Yes Day ideas, rules and a planner. Check out this excellent Yes Day website. Please click here. 

To express an interest in having a Yes Day, please click on the button below.

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