Raising funds to enable us to enrich the quality of life of lonely and isolated people in Southampton


The need for our services in Southampton is greater than ever!

Since the pandemic our service user numbers have doubled. We have a big heart and a big vision to not only keep doing what we’re doing, but to expand what we do so that no one that is lonely or isolated is turned away.

Will you join us on our mission by signing up to one of our fundraising challenges below? Many of these challenges are family friendly, we would love to see all ages get involved!

1. 30 Days of Drinking just Water

No morning tea. No after-work glass of wine. Can you drink water for 30 days? Perhaps, make it a competition with friends to see who can last 30 days?

2. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Take on a 30 day fitness challenge. Increase your fitness, improve your physique and fundraise for Communicare over 30 days.

3. 30 Hour Gaming Marathon

Are you up for a 30 hour gaming marathon? You choose the game. Gather your virtual squad or go solo and make a difference. 

4. 30 Mile Trek

Could you walk 30 miles to celebrate 30 years of Communicare? A tough challenge with plenty of treks to choose from.

5. Afternoon Tea

As restrictions lift, why not put the kettle on and host an afternoon tea? After all we are a nation of tea drinkers!

6. Auction of Promises 

An hour of cleaning? A Music lesson? A photoshoot? Collect a list of promises from friends, then host and auction online or in person and watch the bids fly in.

7. Bake Off

Whose the best baker in your neighbourhood? Your work place? Or in your friendship circle? Only one way to find out! 

8. Birthday Fundraiser

This year could you ask for donations instead of presents? It will save you from getting unwanted gifts and make a huge positive impact.

9. Book Swap

Calling all book lovers. Could you arrange a book swap? A brilliant way to read more, get rid of old books and raise some funds.

10. Car Boot Sale

Calling all Delboys out there. Car boot sales are a great way to make a quick sum of money. Sell your old unwanted items and donate what you make. 

11. Car Wash

Hardly anyone likes the task of cleaning their car. What about a street car wash? Ask your neighbours for a donation in return for a sparkling clean car.

12. Clothes Swap

Do you fancy a new outfit? Transform your wardrobe by swapping and not shopping. Have a go at hosting a clothes swap party.

13. Cycling

Whether you’re a pro at cycling or haven’t touched a bike in years. Take a sponsored cycling challenge, visit some epic places and change lives.

14. Dinner Party

Calling all potential Jamie Oliver’s & Mary Berry’s out there. Host a dinner party and encourage everyone to pay what they would for a restaurant meal.

15. Dye your hair

What would make you stand out amongst the crowd? Ask friends and family to sponsor you to dye your hair!

16. Movie Night

Have some friends over for a movie night or set up a projector in the garden. Donate what you would spend if you were watching the movie at the cinema.

17. Garage/Garden Sale

Sell your unwanted items from the comfort of your own garden/garage and donate all or a percentage of your takings.

18. Give it up

What would you find a huge challenge to give up for a month? Sugar? Coffee? TV? Facebook? Take the brave step and go without for 30 days!

19. Jigsaw puzzle-a-thon

Do you love the challenge of a puzzle? How long do you think it could take you to complete a 1000 piece puzzle in one sitting? Only one way to find out!

20. Lawn Mowing

How many lawns do you think you could mow in an afternoon? Or even a day? Ask your neighbours if you can mow their lawns for a donation.

21. Lemonade Stand

Everybody loves a lemonade stand! This is especially a great fundraising idea for children to be involved in. 

22. Running

Challenge yourself with a run. You choose the distance, place and the time. Or represent Communicare at an organised running event such as the Southampton marathon.

23. Run a Virtual Class

Do you have a skill that you would love to teach people? Maybe teach a cooking class? A fitness class? A language? Or perhaps teach something unique and random? We’d love to hear from you. 

24. Scrabble Tournament

Do you and your friends/family like to play Scrabble? Are you a secret Scrabble pro? Why not arrange a Scrabble Tournament and find out who really has the last word?

25. Sponsored Silence

Would your friends take great joy in seeing you struggle to be silent for 30 Hours? See how much your silence can raise!

26. Street Party

Make the most of neighbourhood connections as the restrictions ease. Hold a Street Party with inventive ways to raise money & make a difference together.

27. Swimming

As pools begin to reopen why not set yourself a swimming challenge? Distance? In the sea or pool? A Race perhaps or a timed event? You Choose.

28. World Record Attempt

Could you try and break one of the many weird and wacky world records out there? Or attempt a record no one has tried? Could you make it into the Guinness Book of World Records?

29. Yes Day

Get sponsored to say “Yes” for a whole day. What will you end up doing? What will you end up agreeing to? Will your family take advantage of you? Only one way to find out!

30. Choose Your Challenge

What challenge would you love to try? Will you be aiming to achieve a personal best? Try something new? Or take on the challenge of a lifetime? It’s your choice, just let us know. 

What Challenge Will You Choose? 


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