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Because we are restricted by the availability of volunteers, we currently have a large waiting list. We would recommend that you send us through information about anyone who would like to receive our help with the understanding that we will respond to you as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience.

Communicare is happy to hear from anyone, from health professionals to concerned relatives, about people in need of help. If you would like to make a referral, we recommend you contact our main office which will give us an opportunity to discuss the person and their situation. If it is appropriate to proceed you can fill out our referral form (available to download below) and either post or email it to us.

We know there are individuals who have care packages in place, or receive other support, but are missing the quality of life Communicare believes they should have. We try to provide this through our volunteers, however this help is not a substitute for a care package designed to meet needs that are the responsibility of the local authority, health services or personal carers.

We consider all referrals made to us, and in some cases a home visit will be required in order to assess the needs of the individual and ascertain what help we can offer. We try to meet as many referrals as possible, but this is subject to availability of volunteers as everything we do depends on them.

Below is our referral form, available to download as a Word document or PDF (please use whichever is most suitable for you). Please email your completed application form to referral@communicareinsouthampton.org.uk or send to: Communicare in Southampton, Voluntary Action Centre, Kingsland Square, Southampton, SO14 1NW.

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