'Adopt a Teddy' - we're in the news!

‘Adopt a Teddy’ – we’re in the news!

This Saturday, we’re hosting our twice-yearly charity fair at the Victory Centre, Portswood Road, and hope our ‘Adopt a Teddy’ initiative being launched on the day, will help youngsters understand from an early age the importance of caring for others.

Manager, Annie explains: “Our charity is all about kind-heartedness and our aim is to help eradicate loneliness in Southampton. Caring for others starts from little seeds like this. We want to encourage kind thoughts from the earliest age.

“We’ve a crowd of teddies getting ready to be adopted. Now their owners have grown-up and moved on, they are looking for new homes. In exchange for a promise that they will be well cared for by their adoptive ‘parents’ they will be going free to new homes at our Vintage and Craft Fair on Saturday, March 23.”

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