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Tea Party in Lordshill

30 people enjoyed a fab tea party in Lordshill today. We talked about old school days – milk bottles, school dinners & outside toilets and were entertained by Emily’s baby, Olivia’s antics. She took a particular liking to all the walking aids & shoe laces and loved her first ever crisp!

Tree of Light Remembrance Book

Bryony has put together a fab remembrance book for our 2017 Tree of Light. You can view it here: Tree of Light 2017 Remembrance Book It features all the names sponsored in our 2017 campaign, as well as some Southampton photographs, taken by staff, volunteers and other local photographers.

We’re in the papers

Did you see the article about Communicare in the paper this week? Trustee David & wife Rosemary (pictured with Emily & Bryony) gave a little background in how they came to be involved in the charity and talk about our need for more volunteers; “people who like people”.  

Notice of AGM

Our 2018 AGM is set for Friday 5th October, 6.00pm at Shirley Baptist Church. This is a great chance to hear what the Charity has been up to through 2017-18, vote on any official matters and hear a little more about what’s coming up.
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