Communicare's new word!

Communicare create a new word ‘Communiteer’!

Communicare has created a new word 

Communicare has created a new word ‘Communiteer’ which describes members of our great team out there supporting their neighbours.

The term aims to get away from the word ‘volunteer’ as we are finding that it is putting off potential new recruits who see volunteering as being something too demanding for the time and energy they have available. They switch off before we have the opportunity to let them see that we are able to offer a flexible approach tailored to suit them.

The definition of ‘Communiteer’ is proposed to be:
‘A community-minded, kind-hearted, caring individual who acts as a good neighbour and displays generous community spirit; gives time even if they are time poor and offers friendship and support freely to one’s neighbours and others in the community.’

We particularly think that this new description will be helpful in recruiting ‘Communiteers’ to our new team to support the Hospital Homecoming project as well our continuing services such as befriending, providing transport to medical and social appointments and helping those – our neighbours – who are in need of our help.

The idea has come from work being done with us by Porcupine PR, public relations consultants, from money given by the Big Lottery for the purpose of developing the organisation’s strengths.

Annie Clewlow, Manager of Communicare, explains the concept in her own words.

There will be an official launch of the word however for now we are unofficially sharing with you the exciting new term.

We feel that ‘Communiteer’ aptly describes the individuals that make up part of the incredible Communicare Communiteer team that support isolated and lonely people in need of neighbourly help while making an extraordinary difference to these people’s lives, their own lives, and the city’s overall wellbeing.