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Communicare Receives Lottery Funding

Communicare Receives Lottery Funding

We are delighted that Communicare has been awarded a grant by the Big Lottery to cover the next 5 years, which is designed to allow us to considerably expand the work we do. Great news for the 140 people currently on our waiting list!

The grant gives us around £50,000/year to help with our running costs and increase our work force, but there will be an expectation that we still find other funding to provide most of the infra-structure that already exists. However, this grant will open up new sources of funding to us that ask for 50% of costs to have been secured already.

The challenge will now be to find enough new volunteers to cover the extra work that we hope to cover.

Thank you for all that you have done in helping to make Communicare an organisation that can be successful in attracting this sort of support. If you are interested in joining our grants team, please speak to either Emily or Annie – this is an exciting time to get involved!