Our Homecoming Project is ‘open for business’

Our Homecoming Project is ‘open for business’

We have volunteers in place and can now take on introductions for our Homecoming Project created to help people leaving hospital receive support when returning home.

In partnership with the NHS, we are ready to assist those discharged from hospital in Southampton, who would benefit from low-level, good-neighbourly support, to aid their recovery.

Our Manager at Communicare, Annie Clewlow says: “Our Homecoming Project offers people help in the first few days, or even weeks, when they are discharged from hospital and is run by us and staffed by our committed, kind-hearted, Communiteers, who act as good neighbours; generously providing their practical and emotional support.

“We now have Communiteers ready and waiting to support our homecomers and are ready to take people on who would like our assistance when they are discharged. Anyone who would like to take up this opportunity, can either introduce themselves to us, or ask their health care team to introduce us, and we can then prepare to support them before they have been admitted to hospital, in readiness for their return home.

“We believe our initiative can help save millions for the NHS and seriously speed-up the recovery rates of those we assist. If people can get home and out of the hospital environment, where they may be exposed to germs, they get better quicker.

“It’s more relaxing at home, moving about is easier and people recover faster. There are many benefits to the individual and, also, to the NHS, and its stretched resources, if people go home as soon as it is safe for them to do so.”

We’re here and ready to help and are waiting to assist anyone who needs us. We have Communiteers eager to get started but are always looking for more to join our teams too.

To access the assistance Communicare is offering to those leaving hospital in the city or to become a Communiteer, please call 023 8021 6022 or visit our contact us page: https://communicareinsouthampton.org.uk/contactus/