We’ve welcomed funding to create an umbrella scheme to help users stay at home

New umbrella scheme ‘Better at Home’ helps users stay at home

We’ve recently benefitted from Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) funding to create an umbrella ‘Best at Home’ initiative alongside our existing services (January 2022).

Built on discussions between us and the CCG, the aim is to help service users remain at home when this is the best choice for them.

Our Manager, Annie Clewlow, explains: “We have been working with the CCG to help provide a service, that works cohesively with our variety of existing provisions including our Hello Southampton telephone service and our Hospital Homecoming initiative, under the umbrella name of ‘Best at Home’.

Rise in people needing support

“At this moment in time we are beginning to witness a rise in people that need support, especially if they are coming out of hospital and may be needing that extra help or if they’re isolated and lonely in the coming months, when the weather and potential worries about Covid may be keeping them at home.

“It is proven that being able to convalesce after a hospital stay in the comfort of your own home with the support of a regular visiting friendly face or via regular check-ins, is more beneficial to your recovery, mental health and wellbeing, than being kept in hospital. Our Best at Home service will also provide telephone calls to check in on anyone who is feeling lonely and isolated too.

Welcoming Jess back

“Of course, there are limitations as to when this is and isn’t appropriate, but we hope that this will encourage those who need us to thrive in a familiar environment. It is with this funding in mind, we are delighted to also welcome back Jess Lee, as our Hello Southampton Coordinator.”

Jess Lee, who joined us originally back in July 2020, has recently re-joined our team to help us meet demand for our services.

Incredibly positive impact

Jess says: “I am so pleased to be re-joining the Communicare family following the grant that has been awarded to them after a short break in funding. I am passionate about ensuring people who are struggling with loneliness are less isolated in our communities and I have seen the incredibly positive impact Hello Southampton makes to combat this.

“I will be continuing the coordination of the project, supporting volunteers, addressing, and escalating any needs identified, tracking outcomes and reporting to the senior management team. This will be vital in the coming months as the number of those who need us will really pick up over the January-March period.

Stop people feeling lonely & disconnected

“This service is important to stop people feeling lonely and disconnected from their communities. Feedback from service users state that from having regular calls from a volunteer makes them feel like they are being thought of, valued and recognised.

“From talking to service users, myself since the start of this project, I have seen the real difference that these welfare calls have made to a number of people during the pandemic and are now confident in reconnecting with activities and services in their communities.”

Interested in volunteering?

We hope that this new provision will help ease pressures on other care services too, such as the NHS and to reassure family members and friends of those we help.

As Southampton residents see the positive impact we make, we’d be delighted to welcome more kind-hearted people who’d be interested in volunteering for a very rewarding and worthwhile cause to get in touch too.

To volunteer with us or find out more, please click here.