What A Beautiful Poem From Our Volunteer Lenka

What A Beautiful Poem From Our Volunteer Lenka

Our volunteer Lenka wrote this lovely poem in the midst of lockdown and it’s a privilege to be able to share it…

Kindness keeps the world afloat
It is like a safe and unsinkable boat
Which can for years come float
It is like a personal fortress, a moat

It costs nothing for you to smile
And even though sometimes it takes a while
It melts the snow, it melts the barrier
It is a good mood greatest carrier

Be kind to yourself, planet, strangers, friends
Do not say it all depends
When you see the smile on someone´s face
It is time for you to slow down your pace

Simple thank you and please are the most powerful words
And they will please not only the greatest lords
Be kind, give the others with pleasure
Like this, on any weights, you can´t measure

Whatever you reap, you will sow
And you can search high and low
For goodness sake be kind
Give what you can, they won´t mind