Woolston Friendship Club set up to help combat loneliness

Woolston Friendship Club set up to help combat loneliness

A weekly friendship club in Woolston in Southampton has been set up to help combat loneliness and bring generations together.

The club is run by St Patrick’s Church and St Patrick’s School in partnership with us and runs every Wednesday from 10.30am-11.30am at St Patrick’s Church Hall.

Joined forces

We are so thrilled to have joined forces with St Patrick’s Church and St Patrick’s School to create a weekly friendship club, to help bring the older and younger generations together.

During the weekly meet ups, they can enjoy cake, friendship and laughter together and we have already had lots of feedback from those who have attended some of our first sessions, saying how much they enjoyed it.

Bringing generations together

The aim of the club is to help reduce loneliness and isolation in Southampton and plug the widening gap between the generations. It’s great for youngsters from the school to meet older folk and gain wisdom and a different perspective on life. It’s also beneficial for older people to connect with youngsters and learn new things.

Jim King, who is a regular attendee at the club, said: “It’s fantastic! The boys were shy at first, but then I told them all about when I was a bus driver, and we had a great chat together.”

New social connections

Father Ross Bullock, Parish Priest of the Parishes of Woolston and Netley, said: “It’s wonderful that we are able to offer the Woolston Friendship Club at this time, particularly as we come out of the pandemic, where the making of new social connections in a safe space is so important.”

Like to join in?

Anyone is welcome to attend and turn up during term time on a Wednesday at 10.30am at St Patrick’s Church Hall, Woolston.