Get Together for Health and Wellbeing

Communicare join Healthwatch for their Get Together

Over a 100 people passed through the doors of the Solent Showcase exhibition Stand Together which was well-known local artist Kev Munday’s. The idea was to allow members of the community to ‘take over’ the gallery and bring social issues into question and discuss.

Rebecca Kinge who is the development worker for Healthwatch Southampton, which is an independent national champion for people who use health and social care services, organised an eye-opening ‘get together’ to talk about health and inequality in the city.

She invited Communicare along to spread the word about the services that are currently offered to clients such as befriending and the new initiative Hospital Homecoming and contribute to the activities throughout the day such as the drawings on the walls and pom-pom making with a discussion around the importance of creativity and mental wellbeing.

It was a great opportunity to talk to an audience that Communicare might not usually have the chance to meet on a normal day-to-day situation; new relationships were formed and a wider audience of people now know about the need for Communicare to support isolated and lonely people in Southampton which we feel could be beneficial to attracting help for projects like Hospital Homecoming.