Southampton Marathon 2022 Blog

Last Year’s Amazing Team Communicare

Our 2021 team raised over £4,500 for Communicare through the Southampton Marathon event; a fantastic effort!

Anna Pilgrim, 2021

Before I signed up for this race I had only ever run 5 km and I really thought that was far enough, thank you very much! However, if you want to raise sponsorship money I think you need to do something a little bit challenging. So I signed up to run the 10 km race to raise funds for Communicare. I was lucky to have a colleague who was also running the same race and willing to train with me. We gradually increased our distance together, and by the time of the race I was confident that we could run all the way. And we did! The event was very well organised with lots of information prior to the day. The day itself had an amazing atmosphere and the support of the marshals and supporters was fantastic.

Kate Laver, 2021

I signed up to run a 10k for Communicare after going on the ‘couch to 5k’ course led by Communicare team member Anna Gordon.

I was also the Communicare Events Coordinator and as I was processing all the marathon, half and 10k entries I thought I’d sign up too!

I joined a running club on a Monday night, and I also trained with another Communicare team member who signed up for the 10k too. I find running with others makes it a lot easier to keep going!

I did most of my fundraising through facebook and was pleasantly surprised by the support I received.

I have never run 10k and my main aim was simply not to stop or walk on the day. The vibe on the day was fantastic and it was a great experience that I’d certainly recommend. Even if you’re not a jogger you can build up gradually and it’s no problem if you walk part of the 10k as many people did that. The main thing is it’s a fantastic way to get fit and raise funds to further the vital work that Communicare do in helping lonely and isolated people in Southampton. Plus if you sign up to run through Communicare next April it will only cost you a £10 entry fee which is much cheaper than signing up independently!