Linking elderly & young for Global Intergenerational Week

Linking elderly & young for Global Intergenerational Week

We’ve helped organise a new friendship club in Southampton bringing together young children, our service users and care home residents.

The club, which is a partnership between us, Mayflower Court Care Home and the Mason Moor and St Mary’s Primary Schools, held its inaugural event recently – linking with Global Intergenerational Week (April 24-30, 2024).

Super socialisation

Tricia, our Service Development Officer explains: “We’re delighted to have been involved in helping start this brilliant new group at Mayflower Court Care Home on Westwood Road; helping bring together the generations. It’s a wonderful collaboration that we hope will give lots of joy and some super socialisation opportunities to all those involved.

“For the launch event, children came from both schools’ nurseries. We want as many of the Mayflower residents and Communicare service users as possible to have a child to connect with each week.

“We also had some volunteers there and will do the same for every session going forward, so we could support the care home and school staff in helping the seniors and children to connect well together.

Garden together

“For our first session, Kirsten Tennant, Deputy Manager at Mayflower Court Care Home, brought in some pots, seeds and compost so the two generations could garden together. The potting up was great fun and was very useful for the children from St Mary’s Primary School who are planning on re-planting their outside area starting this week.

“It was a brilliant way for some of the seniors to pass on their gardening tips, experience and wisdom to the juniors. While the young ones brought enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to everything. The care home brought out a big platter of fruit along with biscuits at the end of the session, which went down very well.

“We plan to have a programme of different activities to do together each week including keepy uppies with a balloon, arts and crafts and story reading. Lots of things to get both generations involved and interacting with each other.

Tuesdays from 2-3pm

“Refreshments will be provided by the care home at the end of each session. This will all be part of the bonding time, allowing the seniors to hand out the biscuits and cake and talk to the juniors after the activities. This is something we’ll do each week going forward, during the summer term, at our sessions on Tuesdays from 2-3pm.”

The Mayflower Friendship Club will take place at Mayflower Court Care Home on Westwood Road on Tuesdays each week from 2pm until 3pm, during the summer term.

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Photo with thanks to Tim Kenyon Photography.