Marathon - Ian Painter

Marathon – Ian Painter

Ian Painter, running the half marathon in aid of Communicare in Southampton, works in software so took up running as he spends ‘far too much’ time sitting behind a desk and not moving too much. Four years later, he’s now looking for a half marathon time of 1hr 50mins!

When asked if he listens to music while running, Ian responded “Not any more. I used to but I found when a slower track came on I’d slow down. Also, if I don’t listen to music I can better hear my breathing and keep more consistent pace.”

Ian added “Communicare is such a great cause. In an ideal world, society would take more care of the elderly and there would be less loneliness in Southampton. Unfortunately that’s not the case and Communicare does an amazing job to help where it can with limited resources.”

If you’d like to join the team cheering our runners on, see where they’ll be here.