Porcupine PR

PR strategy key to Communicare’s growth

Communicare staff are currently working on extending services to those in need across the city of Southampton and in order to do this a big focus on volunteer recruitment will be necessary and one of the best ways we feel that this can be achieved is through good and effective public relations. Porcupine PR are public relations consultants who offer a service which covers PR, commercial and press photography, social media, content creation, brand and communication strategies and digital design assistance. They have been chosen to help Communicare form a strong public relations strategy to help drive this campaign forward. The first meeting with Porcupine PR was on 13 March and everyone was very impressed with their knowledge and understanding about Communicare. The first draft of a PR strategy has been drawn up by the consultants and further discussion is required before a final strategy is concluded. We will be implementing our new strategy once the finer details have been agreed and approved by Communicare’s staff and Trustees.