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Being Rock session on listening awareness

We were very privileged to have Mandy Preece from Being Rock come and speak to us about how to be a good listener. We learned a lot about our own behaviours and approaches to listening. Did you know that a lot of the time we’re often sat there thinking about ourselves rather than taking note of what the other person is saying? To be an effective listener requires far more than being physically present. Presence is about our own silence and assessment of the words and tone being used by the speaker; are they using ‘drops’ or gambits to indicate something deeper and significant? What are you doing with your own body; does it make the other person feel uncomfortable? What about your responses? Are they meeting the person where they are in that moment? These were just some of the things that we discussed during Mandy’s engaging and insightful awareness session. We will be providing detailed notes for our members only area once this is up and running. For now we acknowledge Mandy’s excellent talk and thank her for giving up her time to teach us about listening.