£1100 raised at Vintage & Craft Fair

£1100 raised at Vintage & Craft Fair

A huge thank you to everyone that supported our Vintage & Craft Fair today. We are delighted to announce we’ve made somewhere in the region of £1,100 (we’re still adding up little pots) – a fantastic result!

To all our volunteers that put in hard work beforehand and showed up on the day to run the raffle, cake stall, kitchen, promo stand and also help to set up and pack away – you are wonderful and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Big big thank you’s to Jim Rogers and Serena Lin who performed on stage. You were both fab; entertaining guests but also boosting spirits of volunteers and stallholders.

Stallholders – we hope you had a positive and successful day but please do send any feedback our way, we’re always keen to look at how we could improve our events.

Shoppers – we know you picked up some bargains and items to be treasured…thank you for supporting us in this way.

Until next time…