Hospital Homecoming Project

A big welcome to our new Projects Leader

Communicare are due to receive a grant from the Clinical Commissioning Group to facilitate a new project called Hospital Homecoming; it’s yet to go into full swing but the groundwork is being done and the logistics of how it will work are being drafted. We spoke to the newly appointed Projects Leader to find out more about it and what her message is and her current vision for the project.

“My name is Hannah Silver and I have recently started work with Communicare as Projects Leader. Currently my main focus is on a new project called Hospital Homecoming where we will be supporting vulnerable people who have been discharged from hospital. This help may be in the form of checking their home and putting the heating on, light house work, making some food, having a cup of tea and chat or doing a bit of shopping. To do this I will be working hard on creating small communities which we will call ‘patches’ to create good neighbourhood networks. I am starting on the East side of the Southampton and I will be working to recruit good neighbours through community groups/faith groups/neighbourhood watch.

“If you have any recommendations for me regarding people or groups that you think would like to engage with this project please come and have a chat.”

Contact Hannah on 023 8021 6022 or email