Communibakes Crowdfund is now LIVE

Communibakes Crowdfund is now LIVE

CROWDFUND Link: Please click here

We’ve launched a Crowdfunding campaign today and are hoping to raise a seed fund of £5,000 to get the bakery up and running. We’ve set up a limited company for the business and will be looking to run the bakery as a commercial venture to help support our charity’s work to provide services that enrich the lives of lonely and isolated people in and around Southampton.

“We very much welcome cash donations, but also expertise from members of the community and collaborations with colleges that have students doing bakery courses and customer service training, who we may be able offer placements to. We’re hoping with our Crowdfunding appeal to find at least 500 people able to pledge £10 each, but if we can find more that would be even better.

“In return for their investment, people will receive a whole host of different benefits dependent on the level of funding they commit to. The person, or people, who pledge the highest amount overall will be able to rename one of our cakes too – this is limited to a maximum of three people though. They could name it after themselves or someone special, which would make a wonderful birthday or anniversary present, or give it a new name that they find amusing, as long as it’s in good taste of course!

“The money raised will go towards expanding our bakery’s offering to include: a quality hot drinks machine, a hot food counter, so that we can provide hot food throughout the day and other important upgrades such as a new floor. This will allow us to continue bringing the best service to our community, service users and Communiteers in a welcoming, comfortable and friendly environment.”

The Crowdfunding Communibakes’ rewards include:

  • £10 – Communibakes Supporter
  • £20 – Communibakes Friend – Communibear
  • £20 – Communibakes Coffee Lover – Travel Mug
  • £25 – Communibakes Football Fan – Communibear Football Fan
  • £30 – Communibakes Coffee & Cake Fan – Travel Mug filled with a hot drink of your choice and a cake to enjoy with it
  • £40 – Communibakes VIP Hero – Travel Mug or a Communibear and a one year VIP card (15% off all cakes, hot food and hot drinks)
  • £60 – Communibakes VIP + Hero – Travel Mug or a Communibear and a one year VIP+ card which includes 15% off all cakes, hot food and hot drinks, and an additional free hot drink of your choice when you spend more than £2 on each visit
  • £100 – Communibakes Legend – Travel Mug AND a Communibear with a two year VIP+ card and your name (or the name of someone else if a gift) on a plaque on our wall
  • £250 – Communibakes Champion – the ultimate perk, which only three people can claim. With this unique opportunity you will receive all the items listed under the Legend status, plus the opportunity to rename a cake. Will you name the cake after yourself? After someone special for a birthday or anniversary surprise? Or give it a totally random name? Communibakes will publicly list and refer to the cake under your chosen name for two years!

Anyone interested in being a Communibakes’ VIP and joining in with the Crowdfunding appeal should click on this link 

Thank you so much.