Communicare ABP Southampton Marathon Runner – John Linford

Communicare ABP Southampton Marathon Runner – John Linford

Next up in our ABP Southampton Marathon Runner’s is the fantastic John Linford. John started volunteering for us last year and we are so thankful to have him as a Communiteer. Go John go!

John’s Interview

  1. What distance are you running?

I will be running the 10k

  1. What motivated you to fundraise for Communicare?

I started to volunteer for Communicare last Summer in response to the pandemic and with me wanting to support isolated and vulnerable people in my community. I have been shopping for those who are unable to due to the pandemic for almost a year and understand fully the need for charities such as Communicare.

  1. Why did you choose running as a fundraiser?

I have been running on and off for the past couple of years and was completing the Couch to 5k when the pandemic started and my motivation started to slip. Making a commitment to run the 10k and hopefully raise as much as possible has been a great motivator for me to complete the C25K and for me to continue to keep up the running.

  1. What are you most looking forward to in the Southampton Marathon?

Probably the end! This will have been the longest I have run and my biggest physical challenge since I was much younger. I will be completely out of my comfort zone as I have never taken part in an event like this before so finishing the run is something I am definitely looking forward to.

  1. Is there anything that you are nervous/concerned about with the Southampton Marathon?

The Itchen Bridge! This could well prove to be my Solent Everest at the moment and each time I drive over it I try to convince myself that it is neither as steep or as long as it looks, plus its downhill 50 per cent of the time.

  1. Describe your training process? (Both mentally and physically)?

At the moment I run three times per week in the morning before work in Royal Victoria County Park. Two of the runs are straightforward 5k’s with the middle run being further. With the reintroduction of Park Run, my final run of the week is that.

  1. Do you listen to anything when running, if so what do you listen to?

I have a playlist of mainly Indie-Rock music, including Arctic Monkeys, DMA’s, Royal Blood and Foo Fighters.

  1. What will you eat and drink to celebrate crossing the finishing line?

I will probably have a pint of beer and will eat anywhere that I can book a table and get a decent roast dinner.

  1. How much are you hoping to raise for Communicare?I have set the target on my home page, linked to Communicare, as £200.00 but I am hoping that is a conservative target as I have a large extended family and hopefully a lot of generous friends.

Sponsor John Linford