Communicare ABP Southampton Marathon Runner - Kate Laver

Communicare ABP Southampton Marathon Runner – Kate Laver

Next up in our ABP Southampton Marathon Runner’s is the brilliant Kate Laver. Kate has been our Events and Volunteer Coordinator for coming up to 2 years, however will sadly be leaving the staff team at the end of the month. She will be hugely missed. We are however so grateful that she will be staying on at Communicare as a volunteer and will be running for us next month.

Kate’s Interview

1.What distance are you running?

2. What motivated you to fundraise for Communicare?
Team member Anna Gordon, who is an England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness, invited me to try the Couch to 5k running course, and with her fantastic support I decided to train for the Southampton ABP 10k.
As Events Co-ordinator for Communicare I was already processing the registration forms for other fundraisers who are taking on the 10k, half or full marathon on 5th September and I thought I should give it a go to raise money for this fantastic charity.

3. Why did you choose running as a fundraiser?
You’ll never get me on a bike (!) so running seemed a good option especially as I was taking part in the Couch to 5k course!

4. What are you most looking forward to in the Southampton Marathon?
Seeing my husband and children cheer me on, and also finishing in one piece of course!

5. Is there anything that you are nervous/concerned about with the Southampton Marathon?
Needing to find a toilet during the race! I’ll only be able to have a small coffee before I set off!

6. Describe your training process? (Both mentally and physically)?
Physically: I started the Couch to 5k back in April then once I accomplished that I joined the Ascension Running Community Run and Talk group where Anna Gordon is one of the run leaders. I try to train with that group most Monday evenings where we run a gentle 5k.
I also meet up with another work colleague Anna Pilgrim on Thursday evenings and as we are both running the 10k for Communicare she’s great at spurring me on to greater distances each week. Last week I managed to run 5 miles non-stop with her support.
In terms of training for the 10 k mentally I’m not sure as I’m not too concerned about it. If I was to take on a marathon that would be a different matter!

7. Do you listen to anything when running, if so what do you listen to?
No, but if I’m running with others I like to chat constantly – it distracts me and the time goes faster

8. What will you eat and drink to celebrate crossing the finishing line?
I’ll eat lots of sweet things I think! I’ll just keep drinking water – my favourite drink.

9. How much are you hoping to raise for Communicare?
I’ve never done a fundraiser like this so I went for a £200 target which I have just met. I’d love to raise more as the funds will go towards helping alleviate loneliness and isolation amongst people in Southampton.

Sponsor Kate Laver