Communicare ABP Southampton Marathon Runner - Anna Pilgrim

Communicare ABP Southampton Marathon Runner – Anna Pilgrim

The ABP Southampton Marathon is only 2 weeks away! The next Communicare runner we’d love to introduce you to is our amazing coordinator Anna Pilgrim. Anna has been a part of our staff team for nearly a year and a Communicare volunteer for many years prior. Anna makes such a positive impact in all that she does at Communicare. Go Anna go!

Anna’s Interview

1.What distance are you running?


2. What motivated you to fundraise for Communicare?

I work for Communicare and speak to our service users every day. They are always so grateful for the support we offer. I want to raise money for Communicare to help ensure we can continue to help isolated Southampton residents.

3. Why did you choose running as a fundraiser?

Another member of staff persuaded me it would be fun! I already run a little but I have never really wanted to run further than 5k.

4.What are you most looking forward to in the Southampton Marathon?


5. Is the anything that you are nervous/concerned about with the Southampton Marathon?

Not really

6. Describe your training process (Both mentally and physically)?

I’m following a training programme with a mixture of long runs and shorter runs, including sprint sessions and hills sessions. I run with others when I can as this is much more fun and I run further and/or faster than when I alone. I have started running with another member of staff, Kate, and that has helped hugely. We keep each other motivated and are always surprised when we manage to run further and further each week.

7. Do you listen to anything when running, if so what do you listen to?

I listen to a mixture of music (with a nice fast beat) and podcasts if I am running alone.

8. What will you eat and drink to celebrate crossing the finishing line?

I expect I will just want a glass of water.

9. How much are you hoping to raise for Communicare?

I’ve set a target of £200 but it would be fantastic if I could raise more than that.

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