Finance: fundraisers, new projects, and grant progress

The Rockstone raffle fundraiser in partnership with Communicare
Just under £200 was raised at The Rockstone’s fundraiser raffle for Communicare which was held as part of their 175th birthday celebrations. The pub is based in Bevois Valley in Southampton and works hard to involve its community. The pub manager approached us and asked if we would mind being their chosen charity and of course we were delighted! From this fundraiser all donations were very kindly given to Communicare. A big thanks to The Rockstone for their support, we hope to join forces with them in the future.

Caring Communities Grants—Tea parties and a new lunch club
Faith, one of our Volunteer Coordinators, is going to be heading up both projects that come under the Caring Communities Grants which are funded by Southampton City Council. The projects include our extended Community Tea Parties, and a proposed new lunch club on the East side of the city. Hannah, Projects Leader of Hospital Homecoming, is working alongside Faith as part of her strategy forming patches to support vulnerable patients with short-term help, who have been discharged from hospital.  £5000 has been awarded for each project. Faith has set up the first tea party in Bassett Green Court, which is Sheltered Housing, please see What’s On for more details.

Developing Capabilities—National Lottery Grant
Communicare must devise a strategy to spread the word about its vision and services to the people in Southampton and part of the agreement for the grant is that we expand; gain volunteers and create sustainable income. Porcupine PR consultants are currently working with Communicare to develop a PR strategy to help reach these goals. This support is being funded by the National Lottery Developing Capabilities. Porcupine PR have provided us with a draft strategy and the final draft is due to be complete by the beginning of June.