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Saints Come In To Help City’s Isolated During COVID-19 Crisis

Saints Come In To Help City’s Isolated During COVID-19 Crisis

We’re delighted that the Saints Foundation has offered some of its full-time staff to help us with our vital work supporting the city’s isolated and lonely during the current COVID-19 lockdown. Eleven employees from the organisation, which is the charity of Southampton Football Club, are volunteering to help us support and maintain safe social contact with our vulnerable service users.

Our Manager, Annie Clewlow says: “This is a wonderful, very welcome boost to our Communiteer numbers and it is particularly helpful having support like this, as it’s not just the number of people and the time they can give us that’s important. We’re also linking with an organisation where they can lend us staff or volunteers already DBS checked.

“This is speeding up the process of us actually getting people out and about making essential visits, at a safe social distance, to some of the city’s elderly and vulnerable, who desperately need our support. These people are a godsend. We provided a vital lifeline to those in need before the current situation and now our service is more relevant and essential than ever.

Head of Saints Foundation and Community Partnerships, Greg Baker (featured) said: “We have the people power available and are more than happy to help another important charity in our city with its vital work. Our team is unable to work at the moment in the way it normally does. However, as our ethos is to use the power and passion of the club to transform lives in and around Southampton, we thought this was a good fit for the work we do already in the community.”