We Make Southampton's visit to Toddle & Waddle

Toddle & Waddle: The Pilot Study wrapped up

We Make Southampton joined Communicare and Active Nation on the last day of Toddle & Waddle. Claudia Murg, Managing Director of local independent journalism community We Make Southampton captured the essence of the project in this short film. The idea behind Toddle & Waddle was to set up a fitness class that would combine a shared physical activity for older less mobile people and toddlers in order to improve the fitness, mental well-being and mobility of older less mobile people. Annie Clewlow, manager of Communicare in Southampton, and Sue Tizard, chair-based exercise class teacher, were the brains behind the scheme. The improvement in both physical and mental well-being, the shared activities, and friendships that were made between the older people and toddlers is evident. A big thank you to Southampton Healthy Living who funded the pilot study and made it possible for Communicare and Active Nation to trial an incredible programme with such positive results for all involved, as seen in We Make Southampton’s piece Toddle and Waddle.