Volunteer secures Google Ad grant!

Volunteer secures Google Ad grant!

Today we’re sending out a huge thank you to our volunteer, David Watson for securing us a Google Ad grant!

What is one of those we hear you ask?

Google says ‘The Google Ad Grant is advertising money that Google gives to eligible non-profits’ (on successful application).

Basically, we are given funding to create our own adverts that sit at the top of Google searches. We are able to change the adverts frequently to suit our needs. The advertising can be used for whatever we like – to raise awareness, reach potential new volunteers, request help with specific projects etc.

The first campaign should be live now and is advertising for runners and supporters of our Southampton Marathon team! Have you seen it yet?

Thanks again to David for all his hard work in making this possible! David put our initial application together, designed the advert content and is now monitoring to see what kind of response we get to tweak future ads.