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Let’s Stop Loneliness in Southampton

Imagine that you’re 1 of over 1,000,000 UK elderly people who experience loneliness each year. In fact, 1 out of 3 older people are affected by loneliness. Research shows that loneliness and social isolation are harmful to our health: lacking social connections is a comparable risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

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We will consider helping anyone in Southampton needing support in particular those who have little or no support from elsewhere. Anyone can make a referral, and the process is simple.

So many people in Southampton are isolated and lonely become a volunteer to help us change this. It’s easy to become a Communicare volunteer and most say they get as much out of it as the clients do!

Our help is the same sort as offered by a friend or good neighbour. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to provide these much needed services. Could you be one of them?

Lunch Clubs

Regretfully due to Covid-19 these are not currently running. 

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We Need You!

Become a Volunteer

It’s easy to become a volunteer
and most say they get as much
out of it as the clients do!

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