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Emily Arbery

Autumnal themed tea party

Our last tea party, with an autumnal theme, was held at Medwall Court in Thornhill. Fitting for the theme, it was a suitably blustery day! But thankfully that didn’t deter guests from attending – we had a wonderful turnout, with both Communicare clients and a number of residents from the court coming along to join...
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Communibear has visitors

The Communibears have had two visitors today, welcoming them to Southampton. Both aged 60 Ben and Elizabeth were “born” in Southern Rhodesia in August 1958 when each of Annie’s grandparents sent a bear as a first birthday present. They first came to Great Britain in September 1959 when Annie entered the country for the first...
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Tree of Light 2018

We’re delighted to launch our 10th annual Tree of Light event. One of the beautiful pines in the Woolston Millennium Garden will be covered in hundreds of sponsored Christmas lights to commemorate loved ones and special causes. Suggested minimum donation £7 per light. Tree of Light 2018 Sponsorship Form Sponsor a light via our Facebook event...
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Communibears have arrived!

Our Communibears have arrived!! Look how happy they are 😍😀. They’ll be on sale at our Vintage & Craft Fair this Saturday but also available in our offices. At £5 each, they’re a bargain and ideal for a little Christmas gift. We’ve heard that they love an adventure too, so are asking that they be taken on weird...
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Silver Sunday Tea Party

Our tea party at Meon Court in Harefield was all about celebrating older people, linking in with Silver Sunday. With a constant supply of tea and coffee and delectable cakes (including the best chocolate cookies I have ever tasted, baked by a talented volunteer!), celebrations were indeed in full swing. While we had planned to...
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New Trustee: Kirsty Cummins

We are delighted that Kirsty Cummins was made a Trustee on Friday at our AGM. She is coming on board with a background in finance and administration. Having worked as part of our staff team in the past, Kirsty also has insider knowledge of the issues we face daily and will, no doubt, put it...
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