Cooking up success!

Cooking up success!

Cooking up success!

We recently helped host a brilliant hands-on cooking activity all about making a salad wrap with Pula from TWICS at St Mark’s Church, Archers Road, Banister Park.

She also showed/explained how to make minestrone soup in a slow cooker and provided a sample of soup for everyone to taste and take home.

Recipe to take home

Pula gave out instructions, including a recipe, for the soup and all the ingredients, so all the attendees could try it at home. She also gave every participant who didn’t own a slow cooker a free one to take home too.

Great time

Everyone who attended said they had a great time. After the event, one of our Coordinators, Liz brought a wrap back into the office for fellow Coordinator, Anna. She said: “It was delicious! I will definitely be making my own, and also the slow cooker soups. Pula’s workshop was very well received by our service users.”

Transport & lunch

We had a SCiA minibus to bring people in whose mobility is restricted and they had a light lunch from Communibakes to keep them going, as they travelled in to get to the event across lunchtime.

Lovely volunteers

Our lovely volunteers did the clearing/washing up and helped with the smooth running of the course and everyone had a wonderful time!