Tree of light 2022 remembrance names...

Tree of light 2022 remembrance names…

We are thrilled our Tree of Light 2022 event was so well supported. We hope you all enjoyed the light switch-ons as much as us and found some solace in sponsoring a light in remembrance of a loved one/cause. The sponsorship totalled £1,471.88 with gift aid, which is wonderful! Thank you so much to all those who donated – sponsorship money will go towards helping those in need across our city, via our Communiteers.

The 2022 Tree of Light remembrance list is as follows…

Tracey Beckerleg remembers Margaret Hancocks, David Hancocks, Vera Tapley, Alan Tapley, Nora Beckerleg & Hugh Beckerleg

Clare Challis remembers Ted Challis & Joyce Challis

Carolyn Renault remembers The Renouf Family

Carol Medcalf remembers Mrs Joyce Dora Colborne, Mr Bertie Colborne & Mrs Jackie Chandler

Louise Taylor remembers Robin Taylor

Patricia Rogers remembers Paul Rogers

Marion Corneby remembers Mr John Corneby & Karen Mitchel

Jean Wilson remembers Ian Wilson, Elsie, Ernie Booth, Dorothy & Denis Howarth and Christine & Roy

Anne Christine Evans remembers Barrie, Dad, Mum, Herbert, Ruth & Betty

Gill Yeates remembers Gladys Truckel, John Yeates & Janice Truckel

Susan Ponsford remembers Mrs M Ponsford

Valerie Fox remembers Arthur Fox, Bernard Hembry & Connie Hembry

John Duncan remembers Terry Gerrard & Margaret Prince

Audrey Shephard remembers Fiona Margaret Shephard

Lindsey Fraser remembers Fiona Margaret Shephard, Helen Margaret Giachardi & Matilda Levett-Giachardi

Mary Dibben remembers Colin Churchill Dibben

Brenda Kemp remembers Len Roberts & Family

Angie Turley remembers Kate & Winnie

Rosemary Badham remembers Desmond and Doreen Hill

Margaret McCann remembers Colin McCann

Margaret McCann remembers Pat Mason

Rosemary Coombs remembers Mervyn Coombs

Wendy Bathard remembers Len & Queenie Bathard

Bridget O’Donnell remembers Hugh O’Donnell

Christine Jay remembers Jim Jay, Sarah Ray & Archie Stenning

Stella Thompson remembers Bob & Edna Dean

Susan Daw remembers David Daw

Miles Newton remembers Lisette Newton

Julie Johnson remembers David Johnson

Allison Thomas remembers Joyce Thomas, Don Thomas, Audrey Davey, Cliff Davey & Helen Coleman

Ian Powis remembers Roy Starbuck

Doreen Powis remembers Roy Starbuck

To all those I miss, with love at Christmas, CC

Susan Seal remembers Joan Bennett & Anne Flack

John Taylor remembers Edna Harriet Taylor & Ronald William Taylor

Alex & Simon George remember Monster Munch George

Steve & Anne Parker remember Olive Palmby

Susan Stark remembers Tom Stark

Vivenne Adams remembers Richard Adams

Kelly Bowers remembers Georgi Hickman

Christina Marshall remembers David Moxham

Gill Spratt remembers Ada Greenwood, Ernest Greenwood, Beryl Spratt & Janet Bell

Barbara Phillips remembers Rosemary Marville

Grace Smith remembers Peter

Emily Arbery remembers Peggy Foley (Grandma Puzzle)

Elizabeth Barlow remembers John & Martin Barlow

Pat Hebditch remembers Tim Hebditch

Alison & John Kilvert remember Great Grandad R. W. Colclough

Robert Hingley remembers Rosemary & Dennis Ingrey

Lenka Fremerova remembers beloved grannies

Sophie Baker remembers Isaac Baker

Saire Herschel-Clark remembers Bob Clark

Jack Tennent remembers Ty Ellise Ferris

Leah-Robin NewLove Alger remembers Joan Abley

Phyliss Godley remembers Eric Godley

Pat Smart remembers Rose, Robert, Barbara & Tom

Robert Petch remembers John Miles

Mandy is remembered

The Clewlow Family remember Vic & Lydia Clewlow, David Burks, Asha Gouget, Fiona Shephard & Helen Giachardi

Annette Way remembers Bryan Way

The Pearce Family remember Dawn & Owen Dawkins & Jackie (Sonny) Pearce

Alastair Pearce remembers Fishy

Joan Burks remembers David Burks & Asha Gouget

The Yates Family remember Eileen Yates, Charlie Yates, Pop Yates & Maisie Gentle

Jim King remembers Irene King, Fr Michael Peters & Marion Patient