Become an ‘activity buddy’

Become an ‘activity buddy’

Do you have some spare time? Could you sign up to become ‘activity buddy’ for the lonely and isolated we support, to help them become more physically active?

As part of our recruitment drive for volunteers, we’re looking for people who can spare some time to act as a buddy to the individuals we support who are lonely and/or isolated through a mobility difficulty, learning or physical disability, mental health issues or challenging social circumstances and help them to access opportunities to become more physically active.

Volunteer for us

The hours are flexible, allowing volunteers to help with regular activities or ‘one-off’ opportunities when available. Volunteers can select the types of tasks that they are willing to undertake, and these could include providing transport to and from activities, including waiting for the service user while they take part or, in some circumstances, it may be appropriate to join in with the activity alongside the service user.

We’re also looking for volunteers to travel with groups of service users on a ‘chartered’ minibus to provide support and aid the smooth running of trips, to travel on public transport with a service user or small group of service users to give them confidence in making the journey, accompanying service users on a walk in their local area or attending an activity alongside a service user.

Any volunteers offering transport would need to have their own car, which must be fully insured. We’re keen to hear from individuals who can help, even if they have just an afternoon here and there to spare.

Find out about volunteering

Volunteering is such a worthwhile and rewarding thing to do and anyone interested should get in touch by calling us on 023 8250 0050. We can even offer a video conference chat where you can speak to one of our Volunteer Coordinators and ask any questions you might have before signing up.

To find out more about our volunteering opportunities, please click here.