We’re looking to work with businesses to benefit all

We’re looking to work with businesses to benefit all

We’re looking to work with businesses to benefit all

We’re launching a business partnership initiative and are reaching out to small, ethical, customer service-driven companies in our city.

People increasingly want to buy from and champion enterprises that are value-led and we’d like to talk to any firms interested in putting social purpose alongside their profit.

Bespoke fundraising

Our Development Officer, Nick Thomas explains: “We’re looking to partner with Southampton-based companies to create bespoke fundraising opportunities that are mutually beneficial and are using the services of Work for Good, which believes small businesses can have a powerful, positive impact, whatever their size.

“We will promote those we partner with through our social media pages, website, e-newsletter and PR activity, giving them a potentially greater reach and also helping raise awareness of their brand to a new audience and market for them.

Laudable social mission

“Not only will they then be doing something good, but research also shows that they are likely to boost their customer base by being linked positively to a charitable organisation, as giving back increases engagement, because they are sharing a laudable social mission and purpose.

“Businesses that work with us will have improved visibility, as people notice when you give back to the community. They will also experience positive marketing – associating their venture with a good cause will help customers see a brand in a positive light, in contrast to competitors who may be focusing on maximising profits. The relationship should also assist with long-term customer loyalty – customers feel good buying from a company that cares and are, therefore, more likely to return and advocate on behalf of that business too.

Boost profits

“Finally, it will help boost profits, because supporting a community encourages people to see a firm as an integral part of that neighbourhood, and therefore back the enterprise too.

“Research shows that to reach a younger demographic these days it’s very important for companies to have social corporate responsibility agendas, as this is what many Generation Z and Millennials look for when buying from a brand. In fact, it’s important for people to buy into a brand before they buy from it.

Cause-related brands

“According to consumer research undertaken by Markettiers in 2021, 59% of UK consumers agreed or strongly agreed that businesses have a responsibility to do social good and nine out of 10 Millennials would change brands to a cause-related one, the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK found in 2020.

Get in touch today

“If you own or work for a Southampton small business, or have any friends, family or other contacts who do, please get in touch with me on 07874 868 241 or email nick@communicareinsouthampton.org.uk.”